Posh perks for elite credit card holders

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Editor’s note: Some of the offers on this page are no longer available. 

Welcome to the high life of credit cards. Flaunting annual fees north of $350, ultra-premium rewards cards pack a lifetime of luxury into a small rectangle that fits inside a Prada wallet. Holding one makes you part of a special club of cardholders.

Exactly how exclusive?

It’s rumored that only 100,000 people carry the card of cards, the American Express Centurion Card, which is informally known as the “Black Card.”

Elite cardholders have a higher level of income, a higher credit rating and higher spending. Most of the time, the issuer acquires the customer through a traditional rewards card and based on the behavior on that card, the issuer may offer a premium card.

So what does it feel like to hold one of these cards?

Bankrate dives into the high-class world of elite credit cards and charge cards to find out.

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