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Frequently asked technical questions

I bookmarked to a page within your service and now it doesn't work. Why?
The page you bookmarked may have moved. Our services are always growing and improving. Which means that while we work very hard to maintain consistency in the basic structure, there are times when the address to a particular page must change. We recommend that you bookmark our main page, the section you want should be easy to find.

How do I print the rates?
We have added frames to our site to make it easier to read the information on-screen. You can scroll through the institutions and the headers at the top are stable. This makes printing slightly less convenient but it can be done by clicking on the top frame and printing for the headers and then clicking on the center frame and printing for the actual rate information.

How many people visit's Web site?
Our information receives more than 15 million page views a month.

Why can't I read all the information on my screen?
Often this can be fixed by increasing your screen resolution, you will find our site more compatible. The Web site is designed for an 800x600 resolution.

How do I find on America Online?
Use either keyword: BRM or bankrate