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Building Personal Wealth
Bankrate's Guide to Financial Literacy will shine a spotlight on personal finance topics essential for financial success.
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Bankrate's Guide to Financial Literacy

Bankrate's hallmark Financial Literacy Series breaks down personal finances into manageable pieces for the consumer. This year we will explore four topics of importance to our readers during this period of economic turmoil: Focus on Careers, Families and Finance, How to Prosper and Retirement Income Planning. We label these "Growth opportunities," because all challenges present opportunities for growth.

Check out our latest series on Retirement Income Planning to get a handle on how to manage your investments during retirement. Or click around in our new Families and Finance section if you have children or elderly parents that you care for. The Career series offers lots of great ideas for landing a good job in these recessionary times. In the sections called "Essentials" and "Action," learn more about budgeting, estate planning, credit cards, identity theft, investing, smart borrowing and much more. Each link leads to a table of contents where you can choose to read the stories that interest you.

Come back from time to time because we keep adding to this font of personal finance knowledge. We strive to make finances clear, manageable and, most of all, fun!


Growth opportunities:
Focus on careers
Families and finances
Juggling debt and savings
Protect your identity
Securing a comfortable retirement
Smart borrowing
Growing your bottom line
Credit savvy tips
The simple art of budgeting
Mastering credit cards
Understanding mortgages
Mapping a retirement plan
Dealing wisely with home equity
Credit scoring demystified
Creating an emergency fund
Understanding insurance needs
Maximizing a college fund
Financial tuneup
Planning for your heirs
Taxes made easy
Art by Paul Zwolak / Marlena Agency next

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