High APY savings accounts you didn’t know were connected to legacy banks


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There are plenty of solid reasons to keep some cash accessible in a savings account, including the prospect of surprise expenses like unforeseen medical bills or pricey home repairs. Many financial advisors even suggest keeping three to six months of emergency expenses tucked away in a savings account just in case you lose your job or face a loss in income.

By and large, having a cash cushion in savings is pretty much always a good idea. The problem is, hardly anyone is earning a lot of interest on their savings these days — and that’s particularly true for those who use a brick-and-mortar bank.

Thanks to the internet and the fact consumers can shop around among several banks with the click of a mouse, high-yield savings accounts are more competitive than ever. Many online banks offer rates that are up to 20 times higher than the national average — and with no fees or hoops to jump through.

Even better, some of the top online banks are tied to legacy banks you’ve probably grown up with over the years. Before you let your money sit idle in an account that’s paying pitiful interest, consider these legacy banks and all they have to offer.