Mark Cussen


Mark Cussen is a former contributing writer for Bankrate. Mark writes about a range of topics related to insurance.

Mark's Latest Articles

  • Defensive Driving Course: Auto Insurance Discounts

    Regardless of how well you are able to drive, you cannot control the actions of other drivers or the world around you. You will inevitably have to deal with aggressive drivers, inclement weather, physical [...]

    5 min read Feb 01, 2021
  • Asian grandpa bending low to speak with his young grand daughter. They are laughing together.

    Return of Premium Life Insurance

    Term life insurance is by far the cheapest type of life insurance coverage that you can buy. But it only lasts for a specific period of time. Those who outlive the term of their coverage have essentially [...]

    5 min read Jan 06, 2021
  • A young man and woman are in the bunk of their Winnebago looking on the phone at possible insurance options.

    Life Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRPs)

    A life insurance retirement plan (LIRP) can be an effective complement to traditional forms of retirement savings like IRAs or company-sponsored retirement plans. This type of plan does not have many of [...]

    4 min read Dec 16, 2020
  • A family is loading up the car for a family trip.

    Trustage Insurance Review 2021: Car, Home, and Life

    TruStage Insurance Company offers a range of insurance products for consumers, and most credit union customers that consult with the financial advisor at their local branch are likely to be shown one or [...]

    4 min read Nov 30, 2020