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Leslie Haddock-Dehart

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  • Homeowners Insurance

    Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair?

    The thought of foundation problems fills most homeowners with dread. Your home — and the comfortable life you’ve built in it — rely on a sturdy foundation. A foundation problem always feels daunting, [...]

    6 MIN READ Feb. 16, 2021
    A ceiling with water damage stains
  • Car Insurance

    Texas PIP insurance

    Texas personal injury protection (PIP) is the part of an auto policy that provides coverage for medical expenses to drivers and passengers in your vehicle who were injured from an automobile accident, [...]

    3 MIN READ Feb. 11, 2021
    A physician works with a woman on her injured leg
  • Car Insurance

    Driving without insurance in Texas

    Whether you are driving the open back roads of Texas, downtown metropolitan areas or someplace in between, driving without insurance might seem like a great way to save money. However, when you consider [...]

    2 MIN READ Feb. 3, 2021
    A cop has pulled a woman over and is checking her registration
  • Car Insurance

    Texas Car Insurance Laws

    Car insurance laws are an important thing to take into consideration when deciding how much auto insurance you need to carry. Further, car insurance laws can be complicated and, sometimes, hard to decipher [...]

    4 MIN READ Dec. 17, 2020
    Streets of Austin Texas with traffic.
  • Car Insurance

    The Best Tennessee Car Insurance Companies 2021

    From the scenic highways of the Great Smoky Mountains to the gates of Graceland, Tennessee holds a lifetime of natural and cultural attractions to explore. But before you hit the road for a trip to the [...]

    6 MIN READ Jan. 4, 2021
    cars in the rain in Nashville, TN
  • Insurance

    COVID-19 and flu season: How seniors can prepare

    It is the middle of flu season, and COVID-19 numbers are rising, which means it’s important for seniors to take precautions and become more prepared in the unexpected event of illness.

    6 MIN READ Dec. 6, 2020