Doug Whiteman

Assistant managing editor/insurance analyst
Doug Whiteman

Doug Whiteman came on board Bankrate in February 2012 as an associate editor after nearly 18 years with The Associated Press. During 11 years as a Washington-based consumer and business reporter for AP Radio, he interviewed everyone from scam victims to CEOs, covered numerous events at the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies and reported live from the New York Stock Exchange on a particularly ugly day for the financial markets.

Later, Doug moved on to the AP's Columbus, Ohio, bureau as an editor, writer and the audio and video specialist for Ohio. He wrote about a full array of subject matter, including crime, sports, the arts, and business and consumer news. With a video camera, he captured a community in fear after the killings of three members of a household and the kidnapping of a fourth, and rolled as AP's Cape Canaveral correspondent interviewed Ohio native John Glenn about his pioneering flight into space in 1962. Doug was named Ohio's AP Staffer of the Year in 2007 and was recognized twice in a company-wide headline-writing contest.

Earlier in his career, he worked as an assignment editor for the NBC Radio Network, anchored news for NBC Radio's The Source network and covered Congress for the Unistar Radio Networks.

Doug was born in Erie, Pa., earned a BA from Fordham University in the Bronx and likes to box as a hobby.