Allison Ross

Contributing reporter
Allison Ross

Allison Ross was formerly the senior banking analyst/reporter at Bankrate.

Before that, she worked at The Palm Beach Post, where she spent three years covering the retail industry, detailing trends and marking changes in the local retail landscape. She also jumped in on other business stories, including the Chinese drywall debacle. She followed the story of the tainted drywall as homeowners fretted about their health, as scientists tried to pinpoint the source of the problem, as lawsuits were filed, and as a burgeoning, multimillion-dollar industry of testers and 'remediators' emerged. Allison and a colleague at the Post shared a second-place Sunshine State Award in consumer reporting for a two-part series on Chinese drywall.

She later moved on to cover the nation's 11th-largest school district, as an education reporter for the Post. In that position, she covered the selection of a new superintendent, reported on the district's struggles to balance the budget, and broke news of the arrest of a controversial community activist who had allegedly been trying to extort the superintendent. (The superintendent wore a wire as part of the police investigation.)

Allison graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism and sociology. She is a proud Tigers fan.