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Help! The IRS can't find my W-2

Take these steps to find out why the IRS doesn't have a record of your work. Read more

What tax bracket are you in? Most taxpayers see their income fall into several. And even when you find yourself in the top 39.6% bracket, that doesn't mean you're paying Uncle Sam nearly 40% of your income. Learn more here.
View the current tax brackets for single, married or head of household filings.
Check out the individual income tax rates and earnings to which they apply for 2014.
A FREE gross pay calculator and other net paycheck calculators to help consumers determine the actual take home amount.
Most states tax wage and salary income. Most also collect sales taxes. At more local levels, personal and real property are taxed. Learn about your state's tax levies at Bankrate's state tax rates page.
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Whether you work at an employer's office or run your own business, you'll have to report your earnings. Find the various tax breaks you're entitled to, along with ways to contribute to a retirement plan to prepare for life after work.
Looking for relief from state income taxes? Just move to one of these states.
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These laws target high-income taxpayers. Does that include you?
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The tax man is lenient about certain teen jobs, but be on guard for this trap.
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There are tax implications -- some good, some not so great -- for life's milestones.
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Most taxpayers are able to take advantage of at least some of the myriad tax credits and tax deductions available in our tax system. What's the difference? Both can reduce your tax bill, but one is much better than the other. Find out which tax breaks you're entitled to claim - and don't shortchange yourself!
Did you know you can save on taxes if you qualify for the lifetime learning credit?
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The garage construction doesn't qualify for the energy tax credit, but these things do.
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The refundable earned income tax credit can be a great benefit that's worth waiting for.
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As kids go back to school, check out these tax breaks for a family's education costs.
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Find out tax-favored ways to make the most of work benefits, save for retirement and plan the estate you'll leave to your family.
While the limits on contributions aren't changing, other tweaks may affect you. 
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Beware of these costs if you take money out of your retirement plan to buy a home.
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The CPA likely tried to help your mom, who qualifies to appeal the tax underpayments.
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The rules are tricky when it's time to take money out of your 401(k) and IRA.
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There are different ways to make money. Uncle Sam generally wants a cut of all types of earnings. Investment earnings, however, generally are taxed at lower rates. Uncle Sam, however, has a heart. When your investments go bad, you get a tax break. And then there's the biggest tax break of all – the capital gains exclusion pertaining to your home investment.
A home equity line of credit doesn't affect a home's capital gain as much as this.
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Talk with a pro to determine your liability on the sale of the property you were given.
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Residing in your old home may help you qualify for a big tax break when you sell it.
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After converting your home to a rental property, your taxes became more complicated.
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Stay on top of the latest developments in the tax world.

Is it legal to claim a slew of allowances to pay less tax?

Dear Tax Talk, Is it legal to decrease your tax withholdings? Someone at my work told me that just about everyone does it so they don't pay as much money in taxes. He told me it doesn't affect his tax refund at all, even though he claims 30 W-4 allowances. I don't understand how this works. Thanks. -- Katya