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How To Appeal Your Property Taxes |
If you think your property taxes are too high, you can file an appeal. Should you hire a third-party to help you file or take a DIY approach? 
State taxes: Illinois |
Illinois tax rates and resources for taxes on personal income, sales, property, estate and more. 
Property value tax
Homeowner can challenge the property value assessment with city and county tax assessors, says the Real Estate Adviser. 
How to appeal your real estate
Follow these three steps to boost your case when appealing your real estate taxes. Find your tax rate at today! 
3 tips for real estate tax appeals |
These three tips tell you what you need to know about disputing real estate tax bills. 
Misplaced decimal means big property tax bills - Bankrate.
Some South Florida property owners got surprisingly big real estate bills due to a computer entry error by the local tax office. You have options if you, too, get a tax bill that you think is wrong. 
Tax consequences of flipping real
When flippers invest in a little patience along with their property, they can beat the IRS to the profit finish line. 
3 ways to save your condo
Condominium associations struggling to pay bills have three options to turn things around quickly. 
Foreclosed Homes -- 5 Tips for Buying --
Thinking of buying a foreclosed home? It's not your typical home sale, so here's what you need to know. 
Nontraded REITs go mainstream -
Nontraded REITs are on a streak with investors looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds and income. What should investors be aware of? 
What Did the Federal Reserve Say? |
The Federal Reserve speaks in code. We translate the latest statement for you. Find out what was said in the latest meeting. 
Closing Costs |
Each year, closing costs vary across all 50 states. reports on the closing costs in each state, typical closing costs and the impact these fees have to buyers and sellers. |
Founded in 1996, California-based gives prospective homeowners the capability to compare foreclosure properties around the country. 
Results 1-15 of about 2740

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