Superstorm Sandy Recovery – Information and Disaster Assistance Advice

7 tips for renovating after a natural disaster

7 tips for renovating after a natural disaster

A natural disaster like Superstorm Sandy is never good news. But renovating your home afterward can have its advantages.  ... Read more

Repairing your home

FHA disaster loans pay to replace homes

Under a program, disaster survivors can get FHA-insured loans to rebuild or to buy homes elsewhere.  ... Read more

8 loans for uninsured disaster repairs

Homeowners insurance might not pay all repairs. You can borrow the money if you're uninsured for some expenses.  ... Read more

SBA disaster loans aid homeowners, renters

Homeowners and renters can get low-interest loans to repair or replace property and belongings.  ... Read more

Cleaning up your home after a severe flood

Superstorm Sandy left myriad basements filled with water. Keep warm and avoid mold with these tips.  ... Read more

Repairing Sandy: Use caution

Before hiring someone to clean up debris and repair storm damage, make sure the contractor is legitimate.  ... Read more

Hiring a public adjuster

A public adjuster can extract more from the homeowners insurance company. But the homeowner must pay.  ... Read more

Finding cash after a disaster

To find cash fast to meet a high deductible or personal expenses after a disaster, look to these sources for relief.  ... Read more

Should you tap home equity for repairs?

Make sure you have enough home equity if that's how you want to pay for home improvements.  ... Read more

Seeking mortgage relief

Sandy and mortgage refinancing

Were you in the middle of a refi when Sandy hit? Be prepared for delays and possibly more inspections.  ... Read more

How Sandy affects area homeowners

Fannie, Freddie and the FHA are offering help to homeowners who live in areas where a major disaster has been declared as a result of Sandy.  ... Read more

Mortgage help for Sandy victims

Mortgage borrowers whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy may get some mortgage relief. Here’s what to know.  ... Read more

What Sandy does to your closing

Homebuyers, sellers and refinancers in Hurricane Sandy's path: Be ready for delays and potential obstacles before closing.  ... Read more

Navigating FEMA

FEMA ups Sandy assistance

Victims of the storm are getting a little more help with the cost of renting.  ... Read more

How to help Sandy victims

Looking to help those displaced by Superstorm Sandy? These charities need donations.  ... Read more

Gas, shelter on way to Sandy area

FEMA and the Red Cross are working to provide deliveries of gasoline, shelter, food, volunteers and money to areas affected by Sandy.  ... Read more

Getting federal disaster assistance

The federal government can be of huge assistance when a natural disaster strikes your home. Here’s how to get help.  ... Read more

General insurance assistance

Insurance when families squeeze in together

Superstorm Sandy had an important regional effect on insurance requirements for people in rentals. When extended families live under one roof, lots of coverage questions can result.  ... Read more

5 insurance reminders from Superstorm Sandy

Sandy blew the cover off lapses in car and other insurance. Learn from others' mistakes.  ... Read more

Crash course on hurricane deductibles

Hurricanes can whip up steep home insurance deductibles. Superstorm Sandy may be different.  ... Read more

Homeowners insurance after Sandy?

Superstorm Sandy may well be a game-changer in homeowners insurance. But how do we change the game?  ... Read more

Sandy's windstorm insurance worries

Hurricane deductibles may have been waived for Superstorm Sandy, but beware of little-known "windstorm" deductibles.  ... Read more

Will Sandy boost US homeowners insurance?

The superstorm may have an effect on premiums along its path and even far from where it hit.  ... Read more

Home insurance and falling trees

If a tree falls in a storm like Sandy, who pays? You might be surprised at how homeowners insurance handles these claims.  ... Read more

Post-Sandy home insurance tips

Prepare to weather the post-Hurricane Sandy homeowners insurance claims process with these industry tips.  ... Read more

Will Sandy pop home insurance?

Superstorm Sandy may usher in new homeowners insurance policy options and rate increases for the Northeast.  ... Read more

Will home insurance cover Sandy?

While homeowners insurance policies typically cover hurricane damage, the devil is in the deductible.  ... Read more

Dealing with a disaster and your insurance company

Where do you begin after the storm has passed, but left behind a major mess? These tips will help you clean up and collect on your insurance coverage.  ... Read more

Insuring against hurricane damage

Make sure you have the insurance to protect your property from the destruction of hurricanes.  ... Read more

Working with your bank

Banks help Sandy relief efforts

Banks and credit card issuers are donating directly to the recovery effort and helping their cardholders do the same.  ... Read more

CD holders get Sandy fee break

To help victims of Superstorm Sandy solve a different kind of liquidity crisis, many banks are offering CD investors breaks on early withdrawal penalties.  ... Read more

Sandy hits the banking industry

Banks and many of their borrowers will be significantly impacted by Superstorm Sandy. Find out how regulators are advising the banking industry on the situation.  ... Read more

More banks waive fees for Sandy

Several banks have joined JPMorgan Chase in waiving fees for customers affected by Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Chase helps Sandy victims

As Superstorm Sandy approaches, Chase is excusing account holders in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from paying certain fees.  ... Read more

Bank tech a mixed bag in disasters

Natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy make debit cards dicey, but mobile banking can offer victims access to banking services, even if branches are closed.  ... Read more

Sandy and your taxes

Added tax relief for Sandy victims?

Congressmen from areas hard hit by Superstorm Sandy are fighting to expand federal disaster tax relief for their constituents.  ... Read more

Tap a 401(k) for Sandy recovery

The IRS will allow people to receive 401(k) loans or take hardship distributions -- with conditions.  ... Read more

Sandy victims get special IRS treatment

The Internal Revenue Service is offering Supserstorm Sandy victims special tax consideration when it comes to tax deadlines and recovery payments.  ... Read more

Disaster declarations for Sandy

If you live in an area that's been declared a major disaster, you have some tax-filing options and a chance to possible get some tax refund money sooner.  ... Read more

Get disaster relief from the IRS

Struggling to recover from a natural disaster? The Internal Revenue Service can help. Really.  ... Read more

Credit card issues

Credit card issuers respond to superstorm

Credit card companies are reaching out to their cardholders after Sandy leaves the Northeast wet and dark.  ... Read more

Banking and credit card fee waivers

Many banks and credit card companies are stepping up efforts to help beleaguered Americans struck by Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Economic effect of Sandy

Business disaster recovery plan post-Sandy

If your small business suffered after a storm, here's a road map to speedy recovery.  ... Read more

Bernanke to Congress: 'Hey, I can't do it all'

Growth in the fourth quarter of 2012 was "temporarily restrained" by Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Builder confidence drops

Builder confidence may be down, but construction is up in the Northeast thanks to Sandy.  ... Read more

Post-Sandy, where are the feds?

The federal flood insurance program can’t seem to keep up with the deluge of insurance claims.  ... Read more

How to deal with job loss after Sandy

Has Sandy left you unemployed? Here's how to get back on your feet.  ... Read more

Beige book: Spending and Sandy

Retailers expect sales to pick up as residents rebuild and repair after Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Beware Sandy charity scams

Con artists are creating fake charities for Superstorm Sandy victims to steal donations or donors' identities.  ... Read more

Sandy victims defer car payments

If you're experiencing financial hardship from Superstorm Sandy, you may be able to get your car payment deferred.  ... Read more

Gas troubles thrive in NY, NJ

New York and New Jersey drivers are still experiencing a limited gas supply due to Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

How Sandy affects area homebuyers

Fannie and Freddie are extending appraisals for those affected by Sandy. Does that mean your lender will, too? Not necessarily.  ... Read more

Used-car prices rise nationwide

Used-car prices are expected to increase in the near term as a result of Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Carmakers donate to Sandy relief

Carmakers donate millions of dollars as well as cars and trucks to the American Red Cross for Superstorm Sandy relief.  ... Read more

Recover financially from Sandy

If Superstorm Sandy has affected you, understand the financial steps necessary on your road to recovery.  ... Read more

Gas heads to storm area

Gas heads to storm area: More gasoline and diesel fuel are on their way to fuel cars and provide relief for hurricane-impacted motorists. ... Read more

How Superstorm Sandy is affecting gas prices for some

There’s a surprise at the end of those gas line in the Northeast: sharply higher prices.  ... Read more

Sandy's impact on investing

Sandy sets record for art losses

Insurance Journal reports that fine art insurers face their largest single payout ever.  ... Read more

Sandy: Small blip for investors

Day traders may find some plays from Superstorm Sandy, but long-term investors are unlikely to be impacted for good or ill.  ... Read more

3 hurricane investing ideas

3 hurricane investing ideas: Flooding and power outages continue to plague those hit by Superstorm Sandy.  ... Read more

Sandy delays retirement checks

Superstorm Sandy could delay your retirement income, so be prepared.  ... Read more

Coping with a damaged car

Sandy-damaged car count jumps

The number of cars damaged in Superstorm Sandy has increased to 250,000.  ... Read more

Tap car insurance after Sandy

If your car was storm-damaged, follow these tips to get the most out of your car insurance.  ... Read more

Over 230,000 Sandy-damaged cars

With over 230,000 cars damaged in Superstorm Sandy, one agency cautions buyers and those who need car repairs.  ... Read more

4 tips to avoid buying a Sandy-soaked car

In coming weeks, owners will unload cars damaged in Superstorm Sandy. Don't be a buyer.  ... Read more

It is safe to drive a car damaged in Sandy?

If your car was in the path of Sandy's flooding, take these precautions before driving it.  ... Read more

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