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30 yr fixed mtg 3.53%
48 month new car loan 3.19%
1 yr CD 0.55%

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Interest rate roundup -- Our weekly analysis of auto loan, mortgage, credit card and other interest rates.

Check your auto financing -- Knowledge is financial horsepower.

Ask Bankrate"Ask Bankrate" helps people make tough financial decisions with customized advice. Focusing on autos, we help you with decisions like: Calculate your payment options -- Figure out how much you can save Car buying math:Lease vs. Buy, How much car can you afford, Calculate your payment, more.

Love your car, but not the hefty interest rate you're paying? -- Maybe it's time to refi.

Auto loan refinancing can be a nonstarter -- Sometimes an auto refi is not a smart strategy.

Refinancing an upside-down auto loan -- What are the options when you owe more than your car is worth?

Fixed or variable auto loan rate?

Questions to ask yourself before refinancing your car

Are you paying too much to insure your car? -- Everything you need to know about auto insurance, from costs to claims.

Auto loan and leasing terms  
Auto loan calculator  

How long to you intend to hang on to your car?
Does refinancing make sense if you intend to sell or trade the car before the loan is paid out? Will the car retain its value? Here's the deal on auto depreciation.

Tips and how-to ...
15 must-know auto-financing terms -- Beat the dealer at the game by speaking the same language.

15 ways to save money on gas -- Follow these tips to counter rising prices at the pump.

Credit reports ...
Make sure you get the rate you deserve. Pull your credit reports before negotiating to see exactly how you rate. If there are errors, get them corrected. The better your credit, the better your deal.

Late with one creditor? All will punish you -- A trend in the financial industry is for Company X to jack up your rates because you were late to pay Company Y.

Can you read your credit report? -- OK, you got your credit report, just like everyone says you should. Now, can you read it?

Contacting the credit bureaus -- Here are the addresses and Web sites for the big three credit reporting agencies.

5 ways to improve your credit -- So, you've made mistakes. These steps will help you restore the luster to your credit rating.

Consider all your refi options ...
Some of the best deals for auto financing are offered at credit unions. You don't belong to one? Find out if you qualify.

Own your own bank: Join a credit union -- Now that practically anyone can join -- what's holding you back?

Ready to cut your banking costs? Join a credit union -- Find a credit union in your city with our state-by-state map.

Credit union perks -- Six ways to find a credit union and start saving!

For car-buying, credit unions get up to speed Credit unions can get you on the road quickly.


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