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111 W 26TH ST
NEW YORK, NY 10001-6802


Predictive Indicator neutral
As of December 31, 2015
Credit Union ID 63231

A credit union is a nonprofit, cooperative financial institution, owned and administered by individual members, who must meet eligibility requirements to join. Credit unions pay no federal income tax. Community development credit unions are chartered to serve the needs of low income members who reside in financially distressed or under-served communities.

The Bankrate proprietary credit union rating model analyzes capitalization, asset quality, earnings, and liquidity to produce composite and component "Star" ratings that can be used as a measure of the rated entity's financial safety and soundness. Additionally, early warning components of the model highlight operating characteristics of immediate concern and recommended follow-up actions. The analyses are not adjusted for TARP funding and those institutions receiving funds may receive ratings that would differ were the TARP funds adjusted out of the analyses. You can check whether or not this institution has received TARP funding and whether or not they have paid it back at

Institution Name MONTAUK
Report Date December 31, 2015
Report Period 1 year
Star Composite Rating, Percentile Rank 1 /0.02
Predictive Indicator neutral
Earnings Rating, Percentile Rank 1 /13.83
Asset Quality Rating, Percentile Rank 1 /0.04
Capital Rating, Percentile Rank 1 /0.06
Liquidity Rating, Percentile Rank 2 /3.50
Institution Asset Size 162.087 million
Deposits 158.1838 million
Loans 143.7979 million
Equity 2.8256 million
Net Profit/Loss -17,691.923 thousand


Component star rating: 1 star
Capital highlights

Capitalization stands as protection against loss for credit union members, creditors and, if applicable, the insurer. Regulators place a high degree of importance upon assessments of capitalization.

Key measures of Capital AdequacyRatio (%)Assessment
Net Capital / Assets 1.74Well Below Peer Norm
Capital (1) / Assets 15.29Well above Peer Norm
(1) Includes loan loss allowance.

Component star rating: 1 star
Asset quality highlights

Asset quality is a major determinant of the viability of any banking institution. Poor asset quality will have a very direct impact upon other components and regulators invest substantial amounts of time and resources in gauging the quality of loans and investments.

Key Asset Quality information and ratios:Ratio (%)Assessment
Nonperforming Asset Ratio (2)166.51Highly Problematic
Loss Reserve Coverage (3)54.32Well Below Normal
Asset Growth Rate -4.06Below Normal
(2) Nonperforming Assets/Equity plus Loss Reserves

(3) Loan Loss reserves/Delinquent Loans

Component star rating: 1 star
Earnings highlights

A credit union's profitability is critical to building capital and establishing adequate loss reserves.

Key Earnings information and ratios:Ratio (%)Assessment
Return on Average Equity -114.82Substantially Below Average
Overhead / Average Assets 1.41Much Better Than Average
Note: The earnings assessment is based on the latest four quarters of income and expense.

Component star rating: 2 starstar
Liquidity highlights

Liquidity provides funding for normal operations and represents a reserve for unanticipated disintermediation.

Key measures of Liquidity:Ratio (%)Assessment
Balance Sheet Liquidity7.19below average

Early warning highlights

Early warning indicators identify areas of potential concern, which may lead to financial deterioration and thus, require inquiry or in depth investigation.
For this institution we have noted:

  • Capital Adequacy
  • Nonperforming Assets

Institution Commentary

OVERVIEW of Institution
MONTAUK is a state chartered credit union, which, as of December 31, 2015, reported total assets of approximately $162.087 million. At that date, loans and deposits held by the institution amounted to $143.7979 million and $158.1838 million, respectively. Equity, the difference between a credit union's total assets and total liabilities, was determined to have been $2.8256 million, which was 1.74% of total assets.

Bankrate believes that, as of December 31, 2015, this credit union exhibited a significantly below average condition, characterized by well below standard capitalization, very questionable asset quality, substantially lower than normal profitability, and lower than normal liquidity.

Balance sheet structural changes, through the one year period of time ended December 31, 2015, have had little or no positive, and quite possibly a negative, impact upon the institution's capital position. Our analytical methodology does take into account the quantity, quality, durability, and direction of net worth, and, as set forth above, we have determined, based upon our series of tests, that this credit union demonstrates well below standard capitalization. Notwithstanding any of the information contained within this section, we believe, based on our analysis, that the institution should consider plans for enhancing reported capitalization.

The institution reveals, as previously stated, very questionable asset quality. That conclusion incorporates our analysis of data depicting regional economic conditions as well as our computations of a highly problematic December 31, 2015 nonperforming asset ratio and well below normal reserve coverage for nonperforming loans. The institution's current level of nonperforming assets could lead to sharp write-downs and consequent substantial loss provisions. Hence, careful monitoring and additional inquiry are warranted.

Credit card lending activities should not, based on our analysis of asset quality trends and conditions, have a substantial negative impact upon future results.

For the year ended December 31, 2015, this institution recorded a net loss of -$17,691.92 thousand, which represented a return on average assets (ROA) of -10.20%. Year earlier four quarter results amounted to a net profit of $3,254,476, or a 1.96% ROA. ROA is the key measurement of profitability within the credit union industry, and the industry's ROA, for the twelve months ended December 31, 2015, approximated 0.75%.

We have concluded that, for the four quarters ending December 31 2015, the institution achieved a substantially below average return on average equity , and, in fact, sustained an actual loss for the period as noted perviously . Strict expense control defined by a much better than average overhead ratio is in evidence.

As of December 31, 2015, the institution displayed below average balance sheet liquidity.

Accounting principles require some securities to be categorized as "Available-for-Sale." Changes in market value of these securities are reflected through the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) net worth of the institution. Based upon the credit union's present balance sheet, changes in the value of the current level of securities reported as "Available-for-Sale" are almost certain to have a substantial impact upon future net worth of the credit union.

This credit union has been rated significantly below average.
Negative factors that impacted that rating follow:

  • Capitalization
  • Asset Quality
  • Earnings
  • Liquidity
As noted previously, early warning indicators possibly requiring specific investigation include:
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Nonperforming Assets

As stated, we have determined a Composite Star rating for this credit union of 1 star , indicative of a significantly below average financial condition. At times, conditions of financial institutions change rapidly and significantly. Hence, our Safe & Sound Star ratings should not be deemed predictive of likely future ratings. However, in view of early warning indicators set forth within this report, in combination with the institution's financial data, we believe that the Star rating for this institution is unlikely to change within the ensuing twelve month period.

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