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Personal loans for novices

Before seeking a personal loan, learn the essentials of this popular type of lending. Read more

How to get a personal loan

Personal loans are no longer just for people with bad credit. See why demand is up. Read more

Personal loans remain cheap

A fixed-rate personal loan could be a way to combat rising credit card rates. Read more

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Qualify for an unsecured business line of credit by keeping these factors in mind. Read more

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A personal loan with bad credit?

You can still get a personal loan with bad credit, but you may face tougher requirements. Read more

Personal loan rates: Top 8 cities

Personal loans have grown in popularity. In these cities, you'll find the best rates. Read more

Personal loans remain affordable

Competition is likely to keep today's low rates in check for the time being. Read more

Personal loans remain affordable

While online lenders struggle, many consumers are still opening personal loans. Read more

Personal loans still cheap

Borrowers with solid credit can find great deals, as long as they know which numbers to compare.  Read more

P2P investing with Funding Circle

Searching for new investments? Funding Circle provides investors with opportunities. Read more

Personal loans remain cheap

Court cases and potential regulations might work against consumers with damaged credit.  Read more

Watch out for personal loan fees

The interest rate alone doesn't necessarily tell the whole story about what you owe. Read more

States tops in personal loan debt

Personal loan debt is on the rise, especially in these states. Read more

Personal loans remain cheap

A major lender details just how far it's cut back loan originations - and to whom. Read more

Beware these 5 personal loan goofs

Here's how to keep from falling into personal loan traps that can cost you money. Read more

Balance transfer or personal loan?

Here are 6 things to consider when deciding how to consolidate credit card debt. Read more

Personal loans remain cheap

Major lenders say they intend to issue fewer loans. Here's how that may affect borrowers. Read more

When to refi a personal loan

If you're thinking about refinancing a personal loan, check these factors first. Read more

Personal loans and co-borrowers

Some online lenders may not allow joint applicants on personal loans. Here's why. Read more

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Retiree asks: Is my Social Security at risk over VA mortgage?

Mortgage » VA Loans »In many cases, the loan servicer can be difficult to contact. Many people say that reaching a representative to discuss loan workout options can be nearly impossible. The VA has loan technicians in 8 regional loan centers and 2 special servicing centers who actively help veterans communicate with loan servicers. share