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Financial Literacy - Financial tuneup
Investing tool kit
Calculators, work sheets and resources for fine-tuning your investment portfolio.
Investment tuneup

Self-help tools, tips and more  
Not just for the wealthy, wise investments will pay off for anyone. Use these calculators, work sheets and helpful links to other sites to learn how to invest in your future.

  Target-date funds a solution
  Keith Cameron Smith: how to become a millionaire
  Building liquid savings: savings account
  Building blocks for successful investing
  U. S. Treasury securities
  Investment blunders
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Calculators and decision tools
What is your net worth?
What will it take to reach your investment goal?
How long until you're a millionaire?
How much money can you save in your 401(k) plan?

Terms to know
Improve your investing vocabulary

Work sheets
Protect yourself from scams
Researching and comparing mutual funds
Discovering investment goals
Compare mutual fund fees
Questions for financial planners
Quiz: What is your risk tolerance?

Investing basics
Develop a savings plan
Money market funds
Certificate of deposit investing strategies
U.S. Treasury securities
Corporate bonds
Bank loan funds

Outside resources
Federal government resources
Mutual fund cost calculator
Calculating mutual fund expenses and fees
About international investing
Invest wisely
FDIC: Insured or not insured?
General tips on investing
Socially responsible investing
Treasury bills, notes and bonds online
Further outside resources
Research investments and read expert opinions (Registration required)
The magic of compounding
How to read a prospectus
Selecting funds for your portfolio
A guide to understanding mutual funds
A guide to exchange-traded funds
How to get started with stocks
Find the best online broker for you
How will rate changes affect my bond's current value?

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