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A cost-effective method for reaching millions of highly targeted, unique consumers each month.

Rate Table Advertising
Bankrate's Rate Table Advertising Program provides a performance-based, cost-effective method for reaching millions of unique prospects. Advertisers enjoy greater control over their marketing dollars, which means better campaign performance and higher ROIs.
How It Works
You are only charged when a Bankrate consumer clicks on your company hyperlinks. This means you only pay for qualified consumers who are interested in YOUR financial products and are eager to learn more. If they don't click, you don't pay!
Why Rate Table Advertising?
  • Qualified Consumers: There is no better quality lead than consumers who are in the process of rate shopping.
  • Geo-Targeted: Reach the right consumers in the right markets. Bankrate covers more than 575 markets in all 50 states. There is no better coverage in the industry!
  • Timely Rate Updates: Bankrate's Online/Automated Data Entry Systems allow you to update your rates up to 8 times daily (M-F). The flexibility of our system gives you the edge you need to react to variability in the market.
  • Campaign Management: Budgeting made easy! Allocate funds by product and state while adjusting the volume of your incoming leads to fit your needs.
  • Reporting: Monitor your click performance by product and state, generate reports as brief or detailed as you want.
  • Help Resources: Once you have joined Bankrate's Rate Table Program, you will be provided with login information to our Advertiser Portal, which allows you to allocate budgets, manage campaigns and more.
Rate Card
Bankrate's Rate Table Program is set up in a tiered pricing model that varies by both product and state listing. To obtain the rate card and state listing by tier level, please contact your Bankrate Sales Representative.