Email Advertising

Bankrateís email campaigns are the ideal vehicle to reach "Power Users" - readers who are actively making critical personal finance decisions.

Bankrate's newsletters offer the flexibility to choose the ad placements that will best meet your needs or exclusivity in the newsletter of your choice.
  • Bankrate Weekly Roundup: Catch up on the latest financial news and advice for consumers. (Weekly) See sample
  • Car & Money News: Get cost-cutting tips for buying, selling and maintaining your wheels. (Twice a month) See sample
  • CD & Investing News: Learn the latest trends that will help grow your portfolio, plus tips on investing strategies. (Weekly) See sample
  • Credit Card Weekly: Get Advice for managing credit cards, building your credit history and improving your credit score. (Weekly) See sample
  • Daily Tax Tips: Get expert advice on tax preparation and tips for cutting your tax bill. (Delivered weekdays during tax season)
  • Fed Watch: Get immediate coverage and analysis of the Federal Reserve meetings. (Delivered before and after each Federal Reserve meeting) See sample
  • Frugal News: Discover new ways to cut costs and save more every day. Reduce your spending, not life's pleasures. (Weekly) See sample
  • Home Equity Strategies & Advice: Advice for homeowners looking for options to use their home's equity wisely. (Monthly) See sample
  • Interest Rates This Week: Track key interest rates to make informed decisions and save. (Weekly) See sample
  • Mortgage Analysis: Your Premier tool to track mortgage rates, key economic indicators, trends and analysis. (Weekly) See sample
  • Mortgage & Real Estate News: Timely market news and advice for consumers ready to buy, sell or invest in real estate. (Weekly) See sample
  • Weekly Tax Tip: Our tax expert Kay Bell provides resourceful tips and advice to help you stay prepared for filing. (Weekly) See sample
  • 30 Days of Holiday Savings: Get our best seasonal money-saving tips to help stretch your holiday budget. (Delivered daily from Thanksgiving to December 25th)
Looking to reach active mortgage, home equity loan or CD shoppers? Rate Alert advertising gives you the opportunity to present your special offers while consumers are in the process of monitoring rates and making purchase decisions.
  • Auto Alert: Auto Alerts are triggered each time new and used auto loan rates drop below the consumerís target rate in their selected market.
  • CD Rate Alerts: CD Rate Alerts are triggered each time CD rates rise above the consumerís target rate in their selected market.
  • Home Equity Alert: Home Equity Alerts are triggered each time home equity rates drop below the consumerís target rate in their selected market.
  • Mortgage Rate Alerts: Mortgage Rate Alerts are triggered each time mortgage rates drop below the consumerís target rate in their selected market.
  • News Alerts: Emails notifying our subscribers that Bankrate has published new articles on the topics they have requested.
Standalone Emails
The "Standalone" Email Advertisement is a special offer from an advertiser -- it does not contain content from Bankrate. You create your own customized content in both HTML and text formats, and the email is distributed to our private list of active subscribers.