July 28, 2017 in Lifestyle

The 10 stages of payday, as told through emojis


Payday. It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to for weeks now, the day that you have circled in your planner. Before that direct deposit hits, you promise yourself that you’ll be responsible and will spend the money wisely like the savvy adult you are. But it doesn’t always go as planned.

In celebration of the premiere of “The Emoji Movie,” we put together an emoji story illustrating what really goes down on payday.

It’s the day you’ve been eagerly waiting for … payday! You’ve been on a shoestring budget the past couple of days, so today has you feeling like one of those Rich Kids of Instagram.

Once the direct deposit hits, you’re feeling smug. You learned from the mistakes you made last payday. “I won’t be blowing through my money this time around,” you tell yourself.

As the workday goes on, you feel the temptation creeping in. It’s almost quitting time, and your friends are texting you invites for happy hour. It’s been a long week and you just got paid, so why not go for one drink?

You start humming the lyrics to “Just Got Paid” by Johnny Kemp. You know the one: “Just got paid. Friday ni-iiight.” You decide to treat yourself before meeting up with your friends. You get your nails done and do a little shopping. Spending a little on yourself won’t hurt!

Happy hour commences! You’re feeling especially generous and buy your friends a few rounds. Cheers to making money!

Now you’re starving and can’t resist going out for a nice meal. You’ll make sure to cook dinner at home the rest of the weekend. At least that’s what you tell yourself.

Beyonce just happens to be having a concert tonight in your town. You convince yourself that it absolutely cannot be a coincidence that today also happened to be payday. The universe is basically begging you to buy tickets. You get in formation and dance the night away.

After the concert, you go out for some late-night sushi and drinks. You can’t go to bed on an empty stomach, and you definitely need a nightcap after the concert. You’ve completely lost track of how much you’re spending at this point. Go big or go home, right?

You wake up the next morning and immediately panic when you look at your bank account. You call the police. There’s no way you spent all that money last night. Somebody definitely stole your credit card. Those are fraudulent charges!

You put your detective hat on and realize you definitely did spend all of that money. Oops. Maybe next payday you’ll have a bit more self-control.

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