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Is Occupy Foreclosures next?

By Polyana da Costa ·
Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Posted: 3 pm ET

After occupying streets and parks in various parts of the country, Occupy Wall Street activists plan their next move: occupying foreclosures.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Occupy Oakland activists met this week to discuss not whether to occupy empty homes, but when and how to do it. One strategy the group is considering is contacting people who lost their houses to foreclosure and having them move back into the properties. Prior to the Occupy movement, there were some isolated cases in which homeowners who had been evicted moved back into their former homes months after the lender had taken title to the properties.

Calls urging protesters to occupy vacant homes have been circulating on Twitter, and members of the Occupy movement in various parts of the country have begun to respond.

"This home is occupied," reads the sign members of the Occupy Atlanta group have put in front of a house in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood. According to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the group showed up at the house after a family of five was told that they would be evicted from their foreclosed house.

Last week, members of the Occupy Oakland group attempted to take over an empty building. The occupation led to more than 100 arrests, the Chronicle reports. Oakland city officials say occupation of vacant properties is illegal and will not be tolerated, the paper reports.

I'm interested in hearing what you think about this movement. Do you think occupying foreclosures is justifiable? Will it do anything to solve the foreclosure crisis or simply cause chaos?

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Smoking Dan
November 15, 2011 at 8:54 am

Not one of you has a clue! It's not right or left, Bush or Obama! It's us thats right WE as in WE THE PEOPLE have according to all of your numbers have 99% of the vote. We keep dividing up our vote for R or D insteade of whats good for the nation. So stop voting for a party and start voting for the good of the nation or they win. Smoking Dan.

mike beall
November 15, 2011 at 7:40 am

It's the fault of democrats, republicans, liberals, muslims, christians, etc, etc. At this point....who cares? I just want someone to FIX it instead of blaming everyone for it

Patricia Malone
November 15, 2011 at 7:17 am

The issue that trumps all is the corrupt politicians from BOTH parties that are owned by the special interest and corporations that makes them powerless to do what would be best for the Country. They have to make policies that benefit only the top 1%. The top 1% own this Country and run it to only benefit the 1% at the cost of the 99%. Health care, foreclosures, bank fees, education, job loss, etc are all due to the excessive greed that owns politicians and this Country. While I pray the movement remains peaceful I predict a revolution will eventually occur as not one politician is addressing the concerns of the 99% because they have to appease their corporate ceos and that is al they care about and that is both parties so voting will not We will vote one crook out and replace with another crook.

Bout time
November 15, 2011 at 7:16 am

Politicians from both parties are responsible for what shape the country is in right now. Liberals want the tax payers money to give to people who think it is their right to be supported. Republicans want to keep tax loopholes so they can have several houses, cars, boats and avoid paying as much tax as possible.

They promise the world until they get into office. Then they BS their way thru their term until it's time to promise again for relection. And the public falls for it every time. it will get worse. Because the generation of "everyone gets a trophy" is coming of age now.

yeah thats right. Remember little Johnny shouldn't know they are losing the game...everyone's a winner remember? Don't keep score. Well when little Johnny grows up and goes out into the real world we keep score. And if he never learned a way to win and strive for a goal he will expect to get a trophy for doing nothing, not trying. In fact I think little Johnny is protesting on Wall Street. I want my trophy he said!

I say who is buying? Not one of the team parents!

I say make a flat tax and no loop holes! What most people don't realize is if a Millionaire is required to pay 40% of his income for taxes and you raise it to 60% the govenrment gets very little of that because they find loopholes of take their business elsewhere. If you lower the tax rate for people over 250k and make them pay it (witholding tax) it makes it into the tax pool. I don't think the Democrats realize how many tax breaks the rich are finding. Enough to pay a tax attorney to find them. Wouldn't you like that income?

As for the Republicans, it is all about the votes. What rich people will vote for removing their tax loopholes?

Everyone pays their share. 10-15% for everyone would be more than exceptions.

Also why should the government workers get different benefits than us? Free childcare in Washington, pensions should be revoked for politicians that get convicted of a crime...the list goes on!

November 15, 2011 at 6:58 am

Are you saying that the only rich people in America are Republicans? I know Democratic business owners and I know poverty stricken Republicans. This is not a party issue. It is a very complicated economic issue. All Americans have succumbed to the lust for material objects. Let's face it, advertising is very good at what they do. We would all do well to cut back, live within our means, and be happy with what we have. If we are not happy with what we have then go out and work harder ,get a better education, work your way up the ladder and OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Opps. Isn't that the American way......

November 15, 2011 at 6:17 am

First, This wall street thing. Really is that a good way to get a point across. Being a bunch of animals protesting, trashing the parks.Now they may go live in the homes they lost. Alot of them the banks don't even own anymore. Good going! Do you really think that is going to get the point across? Now the rich, Most are parents of these young people that got those loans. Most sat back while thier kids got loans the parents new they couldn't afford. They would not listen! They sat back and watched them over spend on Cell phones, Flat screens, Big Christmas presents. While the parents watched thier money. Now most of those parents are here to pick up the pieces.How many are moving back home with those parents? What if they too blew all thier money. The problem with things today is everyone wants everything, right then, not later, and for free. We are spoiled. We can blame everyone else as long as you want but take some resposabilty. Lets start with ourself by stop blaming, and getting back to real values Respect!. Look back in time. When wall street crashed everyone was in bread lines. people were jumping out windows. Do you really want to get back to that? wake up America!

November 15, 2011 at 4:31 am

tomba sounds like a true republican. a bear is right. Bush raped this country and lets face it he never vetoed one bill...started 2 wars....increased the size of seniors entitlements with an unfunded program....and the rpublicans have the gall to say this president... OBAMA....caused all the ills. I might point out Bush pushed for the TARP as well. Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

November 15, 2011 at 4:29 am

I agree. why have all these properties remain vaccant when the banks don't really own them or have clear title to the properties in most cases because they lost the paperwork on who owns the mortgage becuase the bundled the mortgages and lets face it Myrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs sold these know they were worthless and then bett against them. Now that sounds criminal!!!

November 15, 2011 at 4:22 am

C'mon bear, it's time to come out of your hibernation. What's it going to take for you to pony up to the fact that this is not a ONE administration issue. Yes, Obama is a contributor, and Bush is as well, but we have Clinton as the initiator with his Freddie/Fannie MANDATES that created all of this financial mess. He opened the door and, as any savvy business persons would do, the banks and wall street jumped all over it and moved on, in the late 90's.

It is what it is and it's done what it's done. Complaining and blaming do nothing to solve the problem. Are you in to fix it ? or are you on another mission?

a bear
November 15, 2011 at 3:44 am

The Republicans are the ones who are responsible for the collaps of wall street. The Republicans and the BUSH administration are the ones who changed the regulations for banks and wall street, so they could legally rape the stock market, and walk away with their greedy bundles and it was legal. Why do you think that the Republicans don't want to do anything to help our economy, or help people get back to work. BECASE THEY ARE ALL GREEDY. So they can blame EVERYTHING ON OBAMA!!!!!! It is the Republicans who are not allowing any jobs bills to pass. People need to start listening and understanding what THEIR GOVERNMENT is doing. Because of our own stupidity, we are going to allow the USA to go down the tubes, the rich will get richer and we will see more and more Poverty............Don't you see that is what the REPUBLICANS want.