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April 15th is coming up quick, but don't panic, you will have time to get all your important paperwork together in order to file your 2010 taxes.

The IRS is mainly interested in how much money you made. Your employer will send you a W-2 with that information, as well as how much in taxes was withheld from your pay. Be on the lookout for this form, which should arrive in your snail mail or e-mail box by late January.

If you itemize, start gathering receipts. These documents will help ensure you don't miss any deduction. And if the IRS has questions, your receipts will back you up.

The IRS is all about numbers, especially Social Security numbers. Make sure you have tax IDs for everyone in your family or your refund could be delayed or even reduced.

For more ways to prepare to file you tax return, check out the tax guide at

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