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What to buy in September


September is a month that straddles the fence between summer and fall and there are deals to find on items from both seasons. Here’s what to look out for on sale this month.

The produce section of your local supermarket will be clearing out the last of their summer fruit, think peaches, plums and nectarines as well as tomatoes. You'll save around 50 cents per pound compared to other months and once the season ends, prices will go up. The same is true for summer flowers to add some color to your house. The first waves of the fall harvest will also be shipped into produce departments and you can find apples, pears, squash, figs and dark leafy veggies at a discount of 20 cents to a dollar per pound.

September also brings Labor Day which is the best time to buy big ticket items until Black Friday rolls around in November. TVs and mattresses can be found at 25 to 50 percent off and for appliances look for a new saving trend where you can bundle your purchases.

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Kitchen appliances and other appliances, they tend to be on sale also around the Labor Day holiday. And you can especially find good deals if you bundle, which is say you buy a dishwasher a refrigerator and a stove at the same time and you get a discount for buying all those things at the same time.

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Some autumn necessities make their debut on shelves in September which means you might find them at a discount. Make sure to get the kid’s Halloween costumes in September to get a good choice of characters and before they become a premium item. With the start of football season, retailers are also discounting tailgating items. That’s a tactic to get shoppers through the doors.

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With tailgating supplies, things like stadium cushions, beer coolers and team jerseys, those will sort of be selectively on sale and advertised again, to entice shoppers into stores. So, just watch for those items to be on sale and get to that store because those sales aren’t going to last real long.

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Other things on sale this month include bridal gifts, bikes and patio supplies. To see the full list and check out what goes on sale next month, check out I’m Lucas Wysocki.



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