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Just when you're finished holiday shopping- the presents still need to wrapped. Between wrapping paper, tags, tape and ribbon- you could be spending the same amount as the gift itself. Here at we have some tips on gift wrapping- without breaking the bank.

Take everyday items from around the house- newspapers, colorful shopping bags or even washed out potato chip bags. They are cost efficient and can be dazzled up to create a festive look.

"It definitely adds up to buy all the ribbon and the wrapping paper, and I end up buying way too much and don't use all of it."

Save old wrapping paper and recycle it for the next year. You can also add your own personal touches with stamps, glitter or tags made from old cereal boxes.

"I think it's fun to add that personal touch of doing it yourself."

Gift wrapping services offered in malls and stores is another way to save- but be careful about the size of the gift because it can add up.

Carolyn Ross
27 year volunteer
"We base it on the size of the package, so we will charge anywhere from 2 dollars for a tiny jewelry size box, up to a coat box 5 dollars and if it's bigger than a coat box, 7 dollars and up."

The professionals do have some great tips on ways to save-

Marla Gerber
"When the paper is cut to size for the package, you use much less tape"

Carolyn Ross
"If you have a big enough counter in your house, your kitchen counter, if you stand at the counter you will wrap better."

Give yourself enough room so you will have less room for error- and will save on not starting over. For those of you who wait until the last minute to shop-

Carolyn Ross
"It's always slow at this time of the year, our biggest customers, are last minute shoppers."

Take advantage of gift wrapping services- they can be worth the headache and extra money. For more ways to save this holiday season check out I'm Theresa Heintz.



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