Managed payout funds for retirement income



Main Intro: If you're looking to reduce the guesswork and worry of managing your nest egg in retirement,'s special feature looks at managing income in retirement.

Managed Payout Mutual Fund Intro: Want to continue building retirement capital while getting monthly payments? Consider a managed payout mutual fund.

Leslie Corcoran: More recently in the last several years, some managed payout funds have come out … also mutual funds. Certain ones are geared toward giving you a certain percentage of income for life … maybe its 3-percent, 5-percent, 7 percent … and they try to manage the portfolio, again, with a combination of stocks, bonds and cash. They try to manage it so they can guarantee that they're going to give you a certain amount every month. These funds, as I said, just came out the last couple of years and it's really not a guarantee, but it's an intent to try to give you that 3, 5, 7 percent.



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