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What is your biggest financial priority?


In this month's Financial Security Index poll, asked Americans what their biggest financial priority was. Although the most common answer was simply to pay the bills every month, our man on the street interviews found the answers varied based on where people were at in life.

"My biggest financial priority is paying off my student loans. Basically I need to get them out of the way, you know? Pay them down as soon as possible and get the interest rate way down. So, that's it."

"Taking care of my kid's future college and getting them set so that they can focus on their education and get off on their own two feet."

"Nowadays save money. The most I can besides paying my bills, of course. And health insurance."

"My hope is to retire in 5 years at age 55, so my biggest financial goal is to prepare for retirement and save for retirement."

"I feel like, you know, due to the economy people are just putting their money … making sure that their bills are paid before they go out having fun. Where before you never really worried about that, I guess. So, that's where my number 1 priority is, making sure all the bills and the rent and everything is covered."

To see the full results of this month's Financial Security Index, just check out I'm Lucas Wysocki.


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