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Tipping for the holidays



It's the season of giving. And even in a tight economy, tipping those who make your life run smoothly is definitely appreciated.

Gabirile Davido, "I tip the super, I tip anybody, my hair stylist, everybody." Heidi Berger "Super, doorman, all the staff."

Christine Welch "Hairdresser."

Judith, "I tip all the time, especially during the holidays." "We tip our mailman, we tip the garbage man."

Alan Peschiera, "The mailman, I tip the mailman."

Depending on your budget- holiday tipping could get tight. So what are you giving and what's a good gift?

Heidi Berger, "I think money, a doorman needs money. They do a lot for me."

Rosann, "I usually get him groceries, grocery gift cards and stuff like that."

Jack Beyda, "You don't have to give your doorman a Rolex, but if you see him every day for a year, you can give him $100-$150. Nothing wrong with that."

Gabirile Davido, "I tip them with money and gifts."

Sumnie Baye, "Hand them out all the envelopes and say thank you, thank you for the good holiday season and everything else."

Alan Peschiera, "I give him wine and about 15, 20 dollars."

Wally, "Maybe a bottle of wine for the mailman."

Christine Welch "I actually work for a company that sells wine so I actually do wine for gifts for a lot of stuff like that for Christmas."

Are you wondering what you should tip this season? Check out for more on tipping during the holidays. I'm Theresa Heintz.

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