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Did you bust your holiday budget?


In Bankrate's most recent financial security index poll, we asked American's how well they stuck to their holiday spending budgets. 82% of those polled said that they came in at or under their budget while only 16% spent more than expected. hit the streets to find out if you've been financially naughty or nice.

"I spent about what I was expecting to spend. Right about even. I set a number and stuck to it."

"Less than I was thinking. I was really intentional. The children are older and so we asked them what they wanted. We kept in minimal and came in under budget!"

"On my holiday spending I went just a little, I'd say about 20 percent over. I had a set budget and I couldn't meet it. I only buy presents for four people and I just couldn't meet it. I had to get them more stuff."

"(Laughs) Over budget as always." (Interviewer) "Why do you think that is?" "Because I'm a consumer. I like to spend money."

"I didn't really set a budget for myself. I just said I want to make sure that I have some money left over. Enough money to cover my expenses, you know, my rent, my car payment, my insurance. And I did happen to have that, but I was looking to have a couple extra spending dollars and I did not have that."

For handy household budget calculators and to see the full results of this month's poll, just check out I'm Lucas Wysocki.


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