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Americans' feelings on financial security

The Financial Security Index was down for the second month in a row, and at 100.5 is clinging to a level above 100 that signifies improved financial security versus one year ago. This was, however, the sixth consecutive month above 100.

Readings slipped on all five components, but job security, comfort level with debt, net worth and overall financial situation remain in territory indicative of improvement over the past year. Savings is still the weak spot, with those saying they're less comfortable with savings outnumbering those that are more comfortable than last year by almost 2-to-1.

Shifting gears, when it comes to putting money away for retirement, Americans are no more inclined to ramp up retirement savings than they were one year ago. More than half of working Americans -- 54 percent -- are saving about the same amount in their retirement accounts as last year. Just 18 percent are saving more, the same reading as last year, so it begs the question about whether or not it's the same people that ramp up retirement savings each year.

Employed Americans age 50-64 are the most likely of all age groups to be saving less this year, and upper middle income households are another trouble spot, with 21 percent of households with income between $50,000-$75,000 per year saving less and only 14 percent saving more than last year.

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