Creative gift card wrapping ideas

Hi, I'm Lucas Wysocki. I'm here with Janna Herron. She's one of the writers for the gift card study. And what we're doing today is finding some creative ways to package our gift cards. Janna, can you tell me a little bit about sort of the feedback that you got based on gift cards and why this is necessary?

Well, people really like to receive and give gift cards. I mean, we did a survey and it showed that most people have given one; most people have gotten one. But, when you talk to people, some people worry that it's just like giving cash or it's, like you said, really impersonal. So we thought, well, this is a good way to show that you did put some thought into it and make it a little extra special so that when people open it up, it's not just a gift card tucked away in a greetings card.

With that, we'll start building our first project here. What we're going to be doing is using Mason jars to build little snow globes.

All right.

You got the big one. I got a smaller one because I assume you're better at crafts than me.

What we're going to do is we're going to unscrew the Mason jars and take the lid—and this is going to be the base for our little diorama that we're going to build the snow globe around. By the way, these aren't our ideas. We've compiled them on a great slide show at, but these come from all over the Internet. These were the very best ones that we could find for packaging gift cards. Your gift card gift might not – or it might go over differently based on the age of the person that you're giving gift cards to. Young people tend to like them a little bit more, right?

Yeah. Actually, we found that the age group 65 and older would rather have either a store gift card or a restaurant gift card versus that all-purpose. So maybe they – I don't know if it's just they like to think about going out and having a little night out or maybe it's just a little bit more personal than the all-purpose card.

So these turned out way better than I expected because the building is not on fire. So the next thing we're going to talk about is easy things to fill up to add some personality to your gifts. So I will do this popcorn bucket and you can do the Starbucks cup.

If you wanted to add some extra personality to these, include little gifts around the gift card. If you could find like an individually-wrapped biscotti, that'd be good to pop in there. I got these chocolates, so …

So, we'll fill it up with some chocolates.

Yeah, throw a couple chocolates in there. Popcorn, for our popcorn basket.

Well, we have got one last project and that is the origami.


We need to start with square-shaped paper that is 8 1/2 inches square; and you can find instructions for this by clicking on the link that's on the slide show, that takes you over to How About Orange? Do you like gift cards?

I do like gift cards. Now I like gift cards to restaurants. Again, because I'm a parent and so to go out that kind of alleviates some of the costs of going out. So, we just have to pay for a babysitter.


So, my husband and I really like those. And we don't go out very often. So, that works out for us.

I think we're pretty close. That's a gift card log.

There you go! That's really cute.

You could tie it up with a bow.

We definitely could tie it up with bow.

Put a little ribbon around it.

Throw in a little candy cane.

A candy cane.

Stick it in a stocking.

We are going to go around the office and maybe downstairs and see how people like our creations. And, in the meantime, here's a quiz about gift cards. And we'll come back with the answer.

Of all these, including just the gift card plain by itself, what would you prefer?

The snow globe, most definitely.

Oh, right.

Yeah, most definitely.

I think it looks cool. I think it actually looks like a coffee with like, the frothy foam on top. And, I don't even like coffee, but I like the way it looks.

I like this one, yeah.

It's simple, but still sophisticated.

Unidentified Female:  Yes!

Well, that was a ton of fun, Janna. Thank you so much for helping me make these creations. We hope that we've inspired you and maybe you'll try some of these and give them out to your family this holiday season. And for more information, check out and look for the gift card survey. Thanks so much.


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