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How do you feel about Black Friday?

"Well it's crazy I must say. I mean you have to fight to get anything in the stores and all that, but it's fun at the same time."

"I guess over the budget, my mom, my dad, grandma, her family which is huge my family which is huge, probably going to be spending a lot more this year."

"It's a madhouse and I think it's ridiculous. It's all a marketing tool. And um, it's kind of sad."

"I would see myself doing a little more internet shopping, stay out of the stores and the crowds. Get away from the madness. Nothing worse than Macy's during the holidays"

"Went to Jersey last year at one of the big malls, GSP, and that was an event itself because it was my first black Friday." (What was it like?) "Madness."

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