November 15, 2016 in Smart Money

5 hotels where you can vacation like a millionaire

Want to rub shoulders with the rich on your next vacation? You can start by staying at one of the world-class hotels they fancy.

New World Wealth recently surveyed 800 millionaires around the globe and found these are their top five favorite digs away from home.

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Room rates: $200 per night and up

Fountains choreographed to music, Cirque du Soleil shows and celebrity-run restaurants are just a few reasons why this Las Vegas Strip casino-hotel is such an icon.

Room rates: $725 per night and up

This landmark hotel along Central Park that was once owned by Donald Trump offers butler service and a red-carpet welcome.

Room rates: $570 per night and up

Adjacent to beautiful Hyde Park, its 169 rooms and 25 suites feature luxurious Edwardian decor.

Room rates: $625 per night and up

Originally a private mansion built in 1870, it has been favored by celebrities for decades and teems with movie types during the nearby Cannes Film Festival.

Room rates: $600 per night and up

A classic since the end of the 19th century, it recently hosted Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (the former Kate Middleton) in its intimate setting of only 109 rooms.