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You should review your report at least once a year to be sure it's accurate and to check for identity fraud.
Web sites and ads that mislead consumers about credit reports must adhere to new FTC rules.
A bad or wrong credit report can cost you. Understand it and fix your credit before your finances are affected.
When viewing your credit report online, it's best to print out a copy for safekeeping.
Here is contact information for the major three credit reporting agencies and how to obtain a free credit report.
Today, the Federal Trade Commission begins a rollout of free credit reports for all consumers. But unless you live out West, you'll have to wait a little longer.
Effective Sept. 1, every person in the nation is eligible for a free copy of their reports. Here's what you need to know to order yours.
OK, you got your free credit report. But can you make any sense of it?
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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 16.12%  0.05 16.07%
Cash Back Cards 16.45%  0.01 16.44%
Low Interest Cards 11.23%  0.02 11.21%

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