Recent debt stories

There are ways out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. Start with a spending plan.
Just because the lender is "arrogant" doesn't mean you don't owe money on a repo'ed boat.
Size doesn't matter. Start with bills in collection to remove bad items from a credit report.
You may not need to worry about your creditors going after your children's college funds.
A fraudster sullied your good credit. Don't let a fishy collection agency victimize you, too.
It's time for some diligent detective work if they say, "You owe," you say, "I don't know."
Be proactive with a debt that's in dispute because it can keep growing, even in collection.
Know your rights if a collection agency calls you at your job or makes extreme legal threats.
You owe a lot of money. How do you gracefully end a relationship when you have joint property?
Americans have more savings than debt, but little progress has been made since last year.
Whether you're inside or outside of bankruptcy, losing your homes is a possibility.
Old debt never dies, but there is an expiration on a creditor's ability to garnish wages.
Selling your truck to pay off your credit cards and buy another truck may not be the best idea.
Debt isn't the problem, controlling it is. Follow these tips to put a leash on that old debt dog.
Being a single parent is a difficult task -- made harder still by large debts.
Is bankruptcy the answer to your struggles with debt?
These options could help you keep your home post-bankruptcy when you fall behind on payments.
Can't make the agreed upon loan payments to your lender? Then you are in default.
Being deployed while facing a mountain of debt is tough. Here's the artillery to get back on track.
After a personal financial disaster, take these steps to ensure it won't happen again.
A bad debt can stay on your credit report for years, but knowing when it will fall off is key.
The estate is responsible for a dead relative's debt, but it can get complicated by these issues.
It's not going to be easy getting your credit back on track after you stopped paying your debts.
Check your credit score to ensure financial skeletons don't derail plans to buy a rental property.
It might be time to redefine the terms "good debt" and "bad debt."
For debts ranging from back taxes to lawsuits, look at all your options before seeking bankruptcy.
There are options for you if you have an old debt beyond the statute of limitations for collection.
Americans are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with their level of debt.
Reducing debt is good, but set a pace that also allows you to form the funding for your future.
A bill you never knew about can lurk for years before landing on your credit report.
When your significant other commits fraud, get legal and relationship advice.
Face down your debt issues as you approach retirement years.
You can speed your credit score's recovery from debilitating debt settlements.
Sometimes the hardest part about having a bad debt is locating who you need to pay.
Fight back if harassed by a debt collector looking for someone else.
When dealing with debt issues, determine how your spouse's credit and assets could be affected.
A debt consolidation loan can turn around your financial life, if you know how to avoid the traps.
It can be tough to manage your finances without basic figures in hand. A debt calculator can help.
Taking out a debt loan is best as a last resort. Here are five ways to avoid them.
If you divide assets, a spendthrift spouse need not drive you to the ultimate separation.
Don't agonize over which debt to pay first -- just get moving.
Paying credit card debt is a major undertaking. Here are some tips to help you organize your attack.
A credit consolidation loan can solve your debt problems faster, if you know how to use one.
Retailers are often willing to work with loyal customers struggling with their charge accounts.
Debt consolidation using zero percent card offers come with rewards, but also certain risks.
If you've paid a bill and are contacted by a debt collector, investigate before you pay.
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