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With online banking and mobile apps, why check on your checking? For these reasons, that's why.
Don't be self-delusional about needing a checking account. You can use one, and here's why.
Bankrate's survey shows credit unions choose to stick with free checking. See what else we found.
Bankrate surveyed 50 of the nation's largest credit unions to find the best checking accounts.
You can't get higher rates without a little pain. You'll have to meet certain conditions first.
Is high-yield checking an answer to low account rates? Yes, but there are strings attached.
Rewards checking offers a higher return than other safe havens. Find out how much and why.
Some brokerages offer checking to their investing clients. Are they better than a bank's?
States are paying unemployment benefits on prepaid debit cards, which are saddled with fees.
The watchdog agency may ask for more disclosure on the costs of overdraft protection.
Here's what parents and kids should know about teen checking accounts before jumping in.
ATM fees are one of many bank charges that are climbing. Here's how to tame those growing costs.
The free restaurant gift card that comes with opening a checking account may not be worth it.
Smartphones can help you interact with your bank by transacting these services remotely.
Unhappy with low interest rates on your checking account? Here are some options for your money.
Switching banks is a pain. Follow this guide to open a checking account at a new bank.
Online checking offers easy account access, but beware the downsides before logging in.
Professor Scott Hein discusses Bankrate's recent checking account fees survey.
With some banks dropping debit card rewards, sub in one of these generous alternatives.
Debit card reward offerings are changing. Learn the results of Bankrate's 2011 survey.
It all starts with the Federal Reserve. Find out how your checking account yield reflects its actions.
To stash your cash in today's checking accounts, you'll pay more and higher fees.
ATM fees are on the rise, but in these cities it won't be as costly to get out cash.
ATM fees are on the rise. Find out the cities where you shouldn't whip out your ATM card.
Six tips on how to get maximum benefits from your bank checking account.
This type of deposit will allow for the transfer of funds without any paper checks.
Need to share a bank account with a close relative or business partner? Open a joint account.
Don't expect a mountain of interest. With high-yield checking, it's more like a molehill.
National high-yield accounts are dropping and yields are drooping, Bankrate's study shows.
Our checking study finds more banks apply fees to checking. Can you keep yours for free?
One man pines for solid earnings on his savings, but needs to consider the risk factor.
Many banks now charge for checking accounts. Try one of these alternatives to avoid the fees.
Bring the money market account mindset to a high-yield checking account to reap big returns.
Looking for the latest trends in checking? Here are the highlights from's 2010 Checking Study.
Bankrate's 2010 Checking Study found that fees are going up. We tell you how to avoid them.
Bankrate's 2010 Checking Study finds consumers face low yields. What are your options?
Looking for the latest trends in checking? You'll find them in's 2010 Checking Study.
A landlord's fraud story should serve as a warning to everyone who writes checks.
Before you consider going virtual with your checks, here are some key drawbacks to consider.
Look for ways to avoid hidden fees to get the most from your checking account.
Knowing your spending habits can help you to select the best, cheapest bank checking account.
A married couple says their bank is playing games by imposing checking account overdraft fees.
Bankrate's exclusive survey of high-yield checking accounts finds top rates come with tough rules.
The days of the free checking account, with no minimum balance and no fees, are numbered.
When it comes to paying yield, banks rely on a healthy balance of deposits and loans.
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