8 ways to go wrong with an inherited IRA

Your aunt left you a fortune. You can lose a big chunk of it to taxes if you're not careful.
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A finance professor says failing to save for retirement early in life will be costly later.
The 10 percent penalty applies to a withdrawal of the conversion IRA, but you may have options.
Under certain circumstances, a withdrawal from an IRA is permitted without a tax penalty.
So you can't find any money to fund an IRA? Maybe you haven't looked hard enough.
It is important for you to start saving for your retirement now.
You can have mucho IRAs, but how will your self-managed account stack up to your adviser's?
After losing a job, a tax bill for your IRA conversion is the last thing you need.
A stretch IRA is for the long haul. These investments might offer a better yield than CDs.
Don't live bronze in your golden years. Retire with a Roth IRA with the help of this infographic.
Retail investors don't normally trade in a Roth IRA, but if you do, consider these factors.
Want to put money aside for your retirement in a tax-friendly way? Try an IRA.
Are dreams of a safe retirement too far gone to reach? Will IRA investing meet your goals?
Save for retirement, and Uncle Sam won't punish you for using the money for a down payment.
Understand the advantages of an IRA and a 401(k).
Before you undo a Roth conversion, consider the repercussions and avoid hasty decisions.
While a Roth account can work for college savings, a 529 plan has tax and other advantages.
It may be a good opportunity for folks to convert an IRA with nondeductible contributions to a Roth IRA.
The IRS lets you access IRA funds penalty free to defray college costs and to purchase a home.
Although you're more than 59½ years old, you still have to pay income tax on the withdrawal.
You can withdraw savings from your IRA, but it's not the only source for college money.
You can't leave your money sitting there forever. Uncle Sam requires you to tap your IRA.
Tap your IRA as a first-time homebuyer without a penalty, but you will pay income taxes.
There are a couple of options when the bank puts an IRA into a taxable account.
If there's no retirement account employer match, consider the tax consequences.
There's a limited window to convert into a Roth IRA and spread tax payments over two years.
Even if an investment fund is tax-free, it makes sense to factor in the total fees.
Whether in a retirement or savings account, a CD has FDIC and interest rate protection.
You can tap IRA money early without paying a tax penalty if you annuitize it in an IRS-sanctioned way.
One man could have avoided paying income taxes if he'd restructured his retirement plan differently.
Before converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you'd better consider your tax bracket.
A traditional IRA requires taxable distributions at a certain age. Here's how it works.
Buying a mutual fund just prior to a distribution won't create tax issues for one investor.
Since you turned age 59½ you could have taken all the money out of your IRA without paying a penalty.
Should you convert from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Answer these questions to find out.
The rate of tax an investor pays on an IRA depends on income during the year of distribution.
Beginning this year, there are no income limitations on who can convert to a Roth IRA.
Eligibility for a Roth IRA does not depend on a spouse's retirement investment choices.
Does it make sense to risk tomorrow's retirement goals just to buy a beach house today?
With all of the talk about IRA conversions, where does a rollover IRA fit into the picture?
A government rule creates a Roth IRA headache for wealthy earners with nondeductible IRAs.
The IRS does not allow the contents of a Roth IRA to be rolled into a 403(b) retirement plan.
Anyone can convert a Roth IRA from a traditional IRA. Is it worthwhile?
Which investments are forbidden in an IRA? Turns out, much of the decision is up to the custodian.
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