Save or invest your tax refund

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Bankrate's new tax poll reveals that most people don't expect to blow their tax refund on frivolities. Nearly three out of 10 Americans (28 percent) plan to save or invest their refund. Need help with where to put your money? These resources can help.

Save or invest your tax refund
How to invest a tax refund
Figure out your savings goals and whether you'll need money soon, in a few years or off into the distant future.
Save for a rainy day
If the recent financial crisis taught us anything, it's the importance of establishing and building an emergency fund.
7 ways to spend your tax refund
Consider using your tax refund for important financial goals, such as taking continuing education courses or tackling neglected maintenance projects, among others.
3 ways to build a secure retirement plan
If your workplace offers a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan, maximize the opportunity to save on a tax-favored basis. These tips get you started on the right track.
Check out money market account rates
If you need to stash cash for short-term needs in a safe bank account that's accessible anytime, shop around for the best rates at
Look up Certificate of Deposit rates
If you don't expect to use your money for a few months or even years, consider investing in a CD. Bankrate lists high-yield and local accounts.



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