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Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige © s_bukley/

The star: The multiplatinum-selling, multi-Grammy-and-Golden-Globe-winning singer-songwriter-actress-producer from the Bronx never met a hyphen she couldn't conquer.

Amount owed: $901,770

What happened: What's the 411? Call it a slow-moving train wreck. According to TMZ, the 42-year-old hit-maker was hit in February with a $901,770 tax lien by the State of New Jersey, just days after she was sued by Bank of America for allegedly defaulting on a $500,000 bank loan. All this came just weeks after she and husband Martin Isaacs were sued by another bank for failing to pay off a $2.2 million loan. To make matters worse, a third bank is suing Blige's Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now charity for allegedly mishandling a $250,000 loan. The singer was even recently dunned for back rent by her New York landlord. Hey, who's up for a group sing of "No More Drama”?

The outcome: Lady Hyphenate is on the case. Last May, Blige told TMZ that it was her bad for not hiring good people to look after her finances. "This should have never been allowed to happen, but it did, and now we are fixing it," she says. Still, she received some good news in September when TD Bank agreed to shave $200,000 from the debt owed on her foundation, according to the Daily Mail, leaving a balance of approximately $125,000.


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