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Embezzlement 101
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Arunkumar was working the phone banks on a local TV call-in show when one particularly irate caller dialed in to ask, "How can I stop my employer from taking money from my salary?"

While not exactly a tax question, Arunkumar was happy to help. As her tale unfolded, however, he could hardly believe his ears.

"It turns out she was a former bank employee who had embezzled $30,000 from her employer, had been incarcerated a couple of years and recently gotten out," he says. "Her current employer was garnishing her wages to pay state-ordered restitution, and she wanted it stopped."

"What did I tell her? Well, you have to be politically correct, so I told her, 'Listen. Did you take the money?' She said yes. 'So if you took the money, don't you have to return it?' She said yes. 'So that's what they're doing; they're taking it from your paycheck,'" he explained.

"But I'm not able to live because they're taking too much money!" she said.

Arunkumar politely explained that she had no recourse. After she hung up, he still couldn't believe she'd called in.

"She even gave her first and last name!" he says.


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