8 outlandish tax deductions to skip in 2014

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Then again, Killer doesn't eat much
Then again, Killer doesn't eat much © Anna Tyurina/

No edition of crazy tax deductions would be complete without at least one attempt to pass Fido off as a legitimate business expense, or worse.

Over the years, taxpayers have tried everything. One guy claimed his canine as a ferocious -- and portable -- business security system. Another tried "pest exterminator." A third attempted to write off man's best friend as an independent contractor for pulling a wagon for his landscaping business. Yet another tried to deduct day-care expenses for her pampered pooch. And one down-on-his-luck DJ even claimed his dog as a dependent -- for years!

Rest assured, if it walks on more than two legs, the IRS is wise to every shaggy dog story in the book.

Howard Rosen, a principal with Conner Ash CPAs in St. Louis, remembers one canine proposition that really lacked teeth.

"A client wanted to deduct the cost of her 'guard dog' and its care for her in-home art collection," he says. "When I asked if she had a picture of the 'guard dog,' she showed me a photo of her Pomeranian. Needless to say, we didn't take the deduction."


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