Wild and crazy tax deductions 2013 edition

But he's handy when the tax bill comes
But he's handy when the tax bill comes © Kzenon/

Levine, the New Jersey CPA, is used to fielding tax questions at social functions, but he wasn't prepared for what he learned when dining out with friends one evening.

"I was talking to a gentleman I didn't know at the time, and the conversation turned to our occupations," Levine recalls. "I told him I'm a CPA and he said, 'Oh, a CPA! I have a question for you. Can I deduct commuting expenses to my job?'"

I asked a few questions and found out he just went back and forth to his regular place of employment as an employee. "No, sorry," Levine informed him. "Your commuting expense is not deductible."

"Oh no," the man replied. "I hope I don't get audited. The bartender who does my taxes said I could deduct it."

Levine stifled a spit take.

"You don't come to me when you want a drink," he advised the gentleman. "Perhaps you shouldn't go to a bartender to get your taxes done."


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