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Budgeting apps
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Budgeting apps

Bank apps report balances as of a given date, but it can take a while for your balance to reflect new purchases. If you are a diligent budgeter who keeps receipts for recording either on paper or in your computer, there are Android apps that allow you to input information on the spot to keep track of bank balances and budgeting.

Top pick

Anza Money FREE by Anza Software LLC

Price: Free

A powerful tool that will let you upload your bank accounts, it has all the things to look for in a budget application. These features include:

  • Income tracking.
  • Expenses for multiple accounts.
  • Customizable income and expense categories.
  • The ability to split expenses between different categories.

This is their free version and limits the number of transactions you can have; if you like it, you can always upgrade to the premium version for $9.95.

Also worth looking at

Cashbook Expense Tracker by Frank Android Software

Price: $5.99

This is a very strong app, and over the years, developers have connected it to services that add a lot of utility. For instance, you can export the data, import more data, change categories and then save it to a private cloud service like Dropbox.


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