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8 ways to save money on costly lawn care

Start with seeds and smaller plants
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Time is money, especially when you want to save money on plants, says Liskey.

Plants need time in the nursery to grow bigger, and the nursery is going to charge for the cost of storing and maintaining the plant for a longer period of time. Then there's the added expense of transporting bigger, heavier plants.

"Start with small plants. They just take longer to grow and get to be the size you like," says Liskey. "But if you're landscaping a yard, you can cut your costs down by a half to two-thirds if you just buy quart-sized plants instead of gallon-sized containers."

The same applies to trees, says Liskey. You may have to wait a few more years for a $25, 5-gallon tree to grow to the size of an $80 tree, but the savings can be significant, especially if you're buying multiple trees.




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