6 tips to save money as a frugal car buyer

Set your own schedule
Set your own schedule

When you're buying a car, don't be lured by slick ads. Set up a shopping schedule that includes visits to several dealerships, and stick to it even if you've found your dream car on the first lot. If you stay true to your schedule, you won't be tempted with an impulse buy. And let the salespeople know you're shopping around.

Schedule your dealer visits during the week rather than on weekends. You want to have the undivided attention of the salesperson when you start to negotiate prices.

Consumer Reports and car-buying sites like say you can find bargains at the end of the month, when sellers are more eager to make their quota. But be prepared for more aggressive tactics from salespeople hustling to make their numbers.

You can also shop for cars online, but don't forget about newspaper ads from individual sellers or the "For Sale" sign on the car in your neighbor's driveway.


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