Money essentials: Savings 101

The savings rate of Americans is slowly rising again, but in a time when yields are low it can be a challenging discipline. Use these resources to learn about the best ways to save.

Increase Your Savings 101
Lock up your money; get higher interestLock up your money; get higher interest
After you've funded your emergency account, you may be able to earn more interest by locking up some of your savings.
Does penny pinching pay off?Does penny pinching pay off?
We've all heard it: Save your pennies. But does the act of putting aside small amounts really add up to big savings?
What type of CD is best?What type of CD is best?
There are a variety of CDs besides the traditional. Take a look at all the options before deciding on the one that's right for you.
7 safe havens for your savings7 safe havens for your savings
Safety is the name of the game when it comes to your hard-earned money. There are a number of savings vehicles to consider.
Savings bond yields may not top CD ratesSavings bond yields may not top CD rates
You need to know your investment time horizon before deciding the best place to stash your cash for the highest returns.
Savings tool kitSavings tool kit
Use these resources to help put you on the road to finding the best ways to save more.



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