List of failed banks

To find out if there are any failed banks in your state, click on a state map. Search our Safe & Sound ratings to determine if your bank is safe. The estimated cost to the DIF is the amount of money paid out of the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund to depositors that likely won't be recouped by the sale of the bank's assets.

Bank failures since 2009

YearBank failure cost to DIFNumber of bank failures
Total: 490
2015 (estimated)$894 million8
2014 (estimated)$398.8 million18
2013 (estimated)$1.165 billion24
2012 (estimated)$2.785 billion51
2011 (official)$7.945 billion92
2010 (official)$22.904 billion157
2009 (official)$38.732 billion140

Source: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

2015 list of failed banks

Failed banksDate closedEstimated cost to DIF ($ millions)
Hometown National Bank, Longview, WA10/02/20151.6
The Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, GA10/02/201523.2
Premier Bank, Denver07/10/20154.4
Republic Bank of Chicago, Chicago05/08/201516.8
Doral Bank En Espanol, San Juan, Puerto Rico02/27/2015748.9
Capitol City Bank & Trust Company, Atlanta02/13/201588.9
Highland Community Bank, Chicago01/23/20155.8
First National Bank of Crestview, Crestview, FL01/16/20154.4

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