6 signs that you are ready to retire early

Retirement » 6 Signs That You Are Ready To Retire Early

No. 4: Your children are financially independent
No. 4: Your children are financially independent © Monkey Business Images/

Children, especially in their college years, are expensive. To retire with children who are still financially dependent, there needs to be enough savings to cover college expenses, says Don Cummings, a financial adviser with Blue Haven Capital LLC in Geneva, Ill.

"Are there children with special needs who may be living in the household or perhaps on their own who will continue to be an expense?" he asks. "What about parents with similar needs?"

Hopkins notes that divorce can torpedo the most well-crafted retirement plan, leaving both parties with fewer assets, more expenses -- including legal fees -- and an extended period of financial uncertainty. While it's not possible to necessarily predict divorce, marital harmony about retirement dates, goals and spending lends stability to the family situation as retirement is contemplated.


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