7 retirement surprises awaiting you

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Things can be unpredictable
Things can be unpredictable © Marilyn Volan/

Major upheavals such as retirement don't come along very often in a lifetime. Other major life-turning points include marriage and the birth of children. The way people deal with the stress and disruption can be revealing.

"It hinges on how people cope with the transition business," says Milne. "At the heart are coping strategies."

The most successful retirees recreate the best things about work -- particularly the aspects of being engaged and active with a large network of friends for support.

"Starting new projects, becoming a volunteer, or grandparenting is a nice example. A lot of people take up golf. It's a fantastic activity -- puts you in touch with people and gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which can't be underestimated in the psychology of transitions," he says.

If golf isn't your bag, pick up a new hobby or activity. Ideally, it will provide structure, social support and stimulation -- just like work, but better.


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