Retirement savings regrets

Golden nest egg
  • Tennis pro Gigi Fernandez says adjust your lifestyle to your cash flow.
  • A crisis can interfere with best-laid plans, so adopt a spending plan.
  • Eschew designer fashions and pad your retirement account instead.

If you could go back in time to prepare for retirement, would you do things differently? A lot of people wish they had beefed up their retirement savings.

When retirement plans get botched
Pat Donovan
Pat Donovan would have spent less money on fashions and invested more in an IRA. Her worst fear is to drop dead in her office cubicle. More ...
Gigi Fernandez
Gigi Fernandez played professional tennis and made a lot of money in her youth, but she ran into some bad luck and made some unforced errors off the court. More ...
Simma Lieberman
Simma Lieberman regrets her casual relationship with money. If she had to do it all over again, she would make money a priority. More ...

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