Retirement benefits of professional athletes

Retirement benefits: PGA Tour
Retirement benefits: PGA Tour

Like a long drive down the middle of the fairway, the PGA Tour's retirement plan, started in 1983, is pretty straightforward. And it offers the potential for some very lucrative post-career income.

With no guaranteed benefits, the program is built mainly around financial incentives based on player performance. Annual contributions to players' accounts depend on the number of tournaments in which they make the cut.

Golfers draw from the plan at 50 if they play in fewer than 15 events. Those participating in the Champions Tour beyond age 50 start collecting funds at 60 if they continuously play a 15-event schedule.

A new twist came in 2007 with the inauguration of the FedExCup, a season-long competition in which the funding came in the form of a $35 million deferred compensation award. The FedExCup champion gets $10 million, while other participating players' rankings at the conclusion of the season-ending FedExCup playoffs determine how big a share of the remaining funds they receive.

Since 2008, the top 10 finishers in the competition get most of their bonus in cash, while the rest get rewarded only through their retirement accounts.



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