7 real retirement worries to focus on

Will the stock market tank?
Will the stock market tank? © Mikeledray/

Will the stock market tank?

What you're worried about: The stock market will crash, and you'll lose all your savings.

What you should be concerned about instead: Your money will shrink instead of grow, indexed to inflation, because you've invested too conservatively.

"Inflation is superlow right now, but it's not likely to stay that low," says Certified Financial Planner professional Cathy Curtis of Curtis Financial Planning. "But you may be getting only 0.2 percent interest on your bank account. That's not a good strategy unless you're very wealthy. A lot of people are afraid of the market and they're missing out on market rallies."

Allocating your assets in a mix of aggressive and conservative investments will help contain volatility and will enable your investments to grow.


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