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Pink Floyd may have thought money was a gas. But you need to carefully consider where to stash it in order to fuel a fulfilling retirement.

Harold Evensky, a South Florida financial planner and co-author of "The New Wealth Management," says you might consider setting up two accounts as you save: one for basic monthly expenses, and the other for less-basic needs, like a Tuscan summer.

Plan on shouldering much of the retirement burden yourself. Social Security is still around, but it hasn't given a cost-of-living increase in two years. And unlike their parents, boomers live in a world where pensions are becoming as dated as lava lamps and vinyl LPs.

Picking your portfolio will depend a lot on your age, affluence and risk tolerance. But Evensky and other planners worry the crash of 2008 made boomers too skittish about stocks, which are now rebounding. Meanwhile, the housing bust taught Jan Bergemann, a Florida retiree, the importance of diversity. "Most of my generation came here to Florida with quite some assets, but we invested (them) in homes that are now not worth anything,'' he says.




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